• When leaders manage when they need to lead or lead when they need to manage
  • When leaders lack vision and fail to ignite passions (other than their own)
  • When leaders fail to connect with those they lead and fail to inspire
  • When leaders fail to revolve with the times
  • When leaders develop a culture of fear and frustration limiting the organization as a whole

This behavior ends up affecting employee engagement, innovation, creativity, absenteeism, turn-over and the organizations reputation suffers. It doesn't have to be this way.

Effective Leadership for High-Performing Collective Intelligence is Learned: LEAD FORWARD LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT

  • IMAGINE  envisioning a better future and world
  • IGNITE passions creating vibrant energy in change
  • INVOLVE  a diverse culture inclusively
  • IMMERSE  in the challenge and people's value
  • INSPIRE  with grace in a sustainable way
  • INDUCE  a mindset and spirit of camaraderie 

  Value Proposition  

 The Lead Forward Program is a masterclass in leadership reform and development. We've taken the best of our favorite leadership models and combined them into one impactful cohort course. Through peer collaboration we address challenges you face today, provide immediately actionable remedies, and build future leaders on a mission to achieve the organizational ideal. We help you develop well established behaviors of successful, visionary leaders. This is done while aligning your personal purpose with the organizations.


This course can be structured as a 6-month (less intensive) or 12-month (more-intensive) masterclass in leadership. A combination of 1on1 coaching, group coaching, coaching and workshops allow for learned application in real world practice, modification, and reimplementation to hone capabilites and behaviors that are most effective and beneficial to each leader participant. Shared experience with cohorts also develops camaraderie and support networks that go beyond this masterclass. 

Imaginative Leadership Principles

The foundations of Imaginative Leadership lay the groundwork for visionary, strategic leadership and establish grounding principles of successful leadership for the long-term. 

What we can imagine we can create a plan for today. We establish milestones to celebrate the journey.

Ingition Leadership Principles

The two elements of Igniting principles & passion are:

  1. Establishing the principles of positive motivation and the development of foundational capabilities and skills doctrine.
  2. Engaging purpose and passion for rapid leadership progression. We learn to inspire other's passions too.

Immersive Leadership Principles

The concept of Immersion is to embrace deep learning in key focus areas that will guide your development as a visionary leader.

To immerse includes developing new or enhancing key leadership capabilities and behaviors that are essential tenets of all successful leaders and for those you lead.

Inspirational Leadership Principles

The foundations of Imagine, Ignite, Immerse, and inspire are woven throughout the program. To inspire means to motivate and enable more collaborative, productive, and inspired teams.  As an inspirational leader you become self-actualized, whilst also activating visionary leadership principles that guide other leaders to actualize their visions.


Why Lead Forward?

This program is customizable to suit the needs of individual leaders and small cohesive learning groups. We do this by curating the content of each learning program to the needs of the groups we steward together. Content is combined with both experiential and experimental learning modes. We bring together managers and leaders with similar needs and backgrounds so we can more fully delve into challenges and desired outcomes participants are actively engaged with in their leadership roles.

The primary purpose of developing these curated groups is to organize leadership content that is immediately relevant and valuable. Additionally, group stewardship allows for collective knowledge to be harnessed within sessions and workshops. In these classes we foster constructive deliberation, problem-solving, creative ideas, and analytical examination to produce thought provoking discussions and immediately actionable ideas and solutions.

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Human-centered and Experiential Design

At our core we embrace human-centered and experiential designs in everything we develop. We know people embrace and internalize learning as they experience the human condition.

Storytelling, interviews, interactions, intentionality in activities, and community action with purpose are tools we incorporate to influence change and build empathetic, adaptable, innovative, and resilient leaders.

In the Lead Forward program, we have also woven in portions of these leadership models:

  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Growth Mindset
  • Systems & Design Thinking
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Situational Leadership
  • Value-centered Leadership
  • The Art of Imagining
  • Elements of Imagination for Visionary and Strategic Leadership
  • Foundation of Communication: Clarity, Repetition, Rhythm
  • The Art of Imagining
  • Definition of the Leadership Principles of Purpose, Values, Mission and Approach.
  • Principles of Imaginative and Effective Leadership
  • Foundation of Communication: Clarity, Repetition, Rhythm
  • Visionary Strategic Thinking
  • The Growth Mindset
  • Principles of Design Thinking
  • Principles of Systems Thinking
  • Nurture Inclusion
  • Emotional Intelligence Self-Awareness
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Principles of Positive Motivation (Self & Team)
  • Leadership Fundamentals of Motivation
  • The Purpose of Focus (Self-awareness & stress)
  • Model of Decision Consideration
  • The Art of Action
  • Trust, Integrity and Honor in Everyday Work
  • The Relationship Between Motivation and Values Engaging Leadership Purpose and Passion
  • Team Contracts (Agreements, purpose, accountability, responsibility, and ethics.)
  • How to Care about Engagement
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Principles Situational Leadership
  • Build Diversity 
  • Emotional Intelligence - Motivation
  • Immersion Leadership
  • Mapping Your Terrain
  • Leading in an AI World
  • Leadership & Collective Intelligence
  • Leading in a Data Heavy World
  • Knowledge and when to ask for Help
  • Leading in a Hyper-Connected World
  • Leading in a Data Heavy World
  • Leading Project Management
  • Leading Change Management
  • Managing Disruption
  • Principles of Emotional Intelligence
  • Principles of Servant Leadership
  • Foster Genuine Equity & Fairness
  • Diversity & Decision-making
  • Emotional Intelligence Self-regulation
  • Energizing Motivation for Collaborative Teams
  • Inspiring Efficient and Effective Productivity
  • Elements of Developing Inspired Teams
  • Nurturing Leadership
  • Leaders Self-Inspiration
  • Leaders Inspiring Others
  • Discovering Team Values & Purpose
  • Mastering the 4i’s
  • Owning Your Future
  • Stress Management
  • 4i Nurture Inclusion, Build Diversity & Foster Genuine Equity & Fairness Review
  • Emotional Intelligence Empathy
  • Emotional Intelligence Social Skills
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