New to your leadership role? What's your biggest challenge right now?

In this process, we invite you to reflect on your new role - what you've found so far, what you believe you still need to uncover, and what you suspect you'll find - the purpose being to help you focus.  Focus on what? The biggest challenges you face, specifically in regards to your leadership and the key leaders in the business that your success relies on.

You can save your responses at any time and return to them later.

Once complete, one of our people (yes, a person!) will consider your challenges and respond - potentially with a few more questions, but also an invitation to talk with them about how we can help, if we believe we can.


Describe your new role


What are the key outcomes you have been mandated to achieve?

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Ok so you may want to add a few more, what are the other priorities you have been given?

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Of all of these, what do you consider to be the most important to you achieving what you've been hired to do?


And of the whole list, which of these do you think you should start with?


Ok good stuff. So, moving on to capability, how capable do you consider the business is today to deliver your key objective?


Continuing with this theme - how capable do you believe your key people are of delivering your main objective?


And continuing a little capable do you believe you are of delivering your main objective?


Ok so unless all you're answers were basically 'yes, we got this, all good' - answer this, what capability do you most need to develop to achieve your main objective?


So just to confirm, what capability is most important to develop in order to achieve your main objective?

And yes, this is a single line only response - the challenge is to focus in and describe this most important area succinctly...


How will you go about developing this most critical capability?


Which of these is the most likely to keep you awake at night?


What will you do if you deliver the key mandate?


How will you feel if you deliver the main mandate?


Now the not so nice bit, what will you do if you do not deliver the key mandate?


And some more I’m afraid, how will you feel if you do not deliver the key mandate?


Ok, so what’s the most important thing you must do to ensure you deliver the key mandate?

Again we’ve deliberately kept the response area small here - focus on the key thing, the one most important, essential thing that absolutely must be done...

Strong verbs, short sentences (Bernadine Healy)


How will you do this one key thing?


Who can support you getting this key thing done?


And what or who would get in the way of you getting the key thing done?


So what’s the first thing you need to do to take action towards achieving the key thing?


So go do it!!!

Ok, that’s enough of an examination for today.  

Thanks for taking the time do go through that.  How do you feel now?

Ready to take action and go change the world?

As we said at the start, one of our Practitioners will review your responses and come back to you with any further questions we have to deepen our understanding of what you’re setting out to achieve, and if we can - suggest how we might be able to provide some support.

Feel free to get in touch at any time during your journey.

All the best,