4i YOU page Persona 6 Questions - Chair/Board Member

Thank you for taking a little time to answer these 6 questions. We aim to add to the leadership journeys you support by posing these questions for you to consider/  We hope this reflection time will be beneficial.

You can save your responses any time, and we will be able to review your responses, which will be reviewed by one of our team. If we think we can help, we will get in touch. If not, we'll let you know, and if needs be direct you elsewhere.

All the best from us, 

The 4i team


Does the CEO and their Executive team have the leadership capability required to achieve the organisations goals whilst minimising risk?


What would need to change in order for their capability to be sufficient to achieve these goals?


What would you start with?


Does the organisation have sufficient resources and capability available to support the CEO and Executives development?


What external support would best enable the CEO and the Executive team achieve the organisations goals?


Final question - if you improved the leadership capability of the CEO and Executive team, what do you believe they could achieve?


We hope that's been helpful as a reflection and thought process.

If this process has helped you resolve how best to proceed to develop the organisations' critical leadership, and you'd like to involve us in doing so, we look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

The 4i Team