Assess, Collaborate, Create, Implement, Refine, Measure, Iterate

Our purpose as an organization is to help leaders be more inclusive and to make the world better in a meaningful and sustainable way. We know leaders are the crucial difference in defining, creating, and constructing a more inclusive, engaged, diverse and productive work environment.

In our PEOPLE AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PRACTICE, we are working with our clients to "co-create cultures that bring environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)" to the forefront; building our human centered, experiential designs that influence the growth of financial investments.  

IN OUR MARKETING SUPPORT PRACTICE, we work to create more inclusive strategies that build trust, support individualism, and build the collective consciousness. 

EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS - We are instructional designers for adult education and teach our work at local colleges and institutions. Some of the titles are:

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We Conduct a Thorough Assessment First

Sometimes you come to us knowing exactly what you need. More often you think you know but you want to be sure. Whether we are doing one-on-one coaching in our people development, working on your marketing strategy, or developing classes for universities, we conduct a thorough analysis of the needs of the people and business. 

We work collaboratively to intimately understand clients' opportunities and challenges and develop solutions we can measure against ROI.


Conductor Software: Measuring Drivers of Workplace Productivity to ROI

Conductor software not only measures indicators of trust, equity, fairness, engagement, culture, resilience, wellbeing, and inclusion & diversity, it measures them against ROI. This supports our ESG work.

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Stress Assessment: Stress is a Leading Indicator of Injury, Turn-Over, Low Productivity, & Absenteeism

When we put in more effort that reward we exhibit stress and anxiety as an outcome. Stress impedes many factors of productivity, creativity, and innovation. One truth about stress is that if we do not address it, it does not go away.

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   PQ Factor:  Measuring Performance KPIs on a Dashboard Monthly.

The benefits of the PQfactor are its 
action orientation, measures of growth culture cultivators, and sequencing high performance intangibles.

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Human-centered, Experiential Design & Purpose Led Environmental, Social, & Corporate Governance Responsible Cultures.

At our core we embrace human-centered and experiential designs in everything we develop. We know people embrace and internalize learning as they experience the human condition.

Storytelling, interviews, interactions, intentionality in activities, and community action with purpose are tools we incorporate to influence change and build empathetic, adaptable, innovative, and resilient leaders.

Building culture requires developing effective leadership capability, as leaders are the most significant influence on cohesive, impactful, and productive cultures.

4i Leadership does this through a collaborative approach that balances several disciplines and delivery methods. We use human centered, experiential design to transform organizations around sustainability, inclusion, and purpose-led work.

We work with clients to "co-create cultures that bring environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)" to the forefront; building ESG cultures that align with financial investments and ROI expectations.



4i Leadership was sought by a CEO to advise potential solution to significant issue in Corporate Services, Sales, Distribution and Operations teams – identified as lack of cohesion and toxic culture.

Working in collaboration with HR Director and CFO, commenced with a 1-month Immersive Research study to explore & examine anticipated challenge areas. A comprehensive report was presented and explored by all 3 stakeholders to devise an appropriate pathway forward. 

This was followed by a collaborative curriculum design for whole leadership team (Supervisors through to Directors, 100+ staff). Collaborative design with internal HR & L&D team. Topics included values-led leadership & behavioral framework, coaching for leaders, inspirational leadership, influencing skills, Emotional Intelligence & Stress Management.

The implementation of this framework was via a combination of 1on1 Coaching, Group Coaching for Senior Leadership Team. In-person Facilitated workshops were delivered for Supervisors through to Directors.

The project ran for a total of 18 months, resulting in a 45% uplift in engagement scores, 300% improvement in turnover of staff and participant feedback from our programs of an 8.8av NPS.

Programs, Classes, Workshops as well as Digital & Hybrid Learning

We customize programs to client and educational needs. We have a variety of coaching, teaching, facilitating, workshops, and digital learning program models that we can modify for every people, business, and marketing development process. We work hard to develop learning environments that are interactive, relevant, insightful and fun to engage participants' hearts and minds. We do this to achieve stickiness of the content to make it memorable through active experiences so learning can be internalized.

For high-potential leaders and employees requiring more focused assistance. Also for sequential and iterative learning.

Available for smaller groups in-person, online or in hybrid,  for a more collaborative and intensive experience.

Interactive facilitation for both in-person and online. Most effective for larger class-based programs. Available with breakouts.

 Instructional designers creating adult education we can implement for clients or we teach at  teach at local colleges .

Digital programs can be built with learning, testing, and tracking through our Simplero LMS. Digital dashboards are possible.

USA Featured Products

These are a few of our featured products. We also have additional entry level management and leader, emotional and conversational intelligence, leadership and performance management assessments and programs that we can customize for your needs. Unlike others, off-the-shelf programs are something we leave to our competitors. Building in collaboration with our clients is what we do best. 

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Equity, Fairness, Bias, Diversity & Inclusion: vision for a productive, sensitive, empathetic and mindful culture.

Our Inclusion program has won awards in the United States and Australia in 2020 and 2021.

Rethinking the way people relate to stress in the workplace.  A practical stress management program.

This program can be a preventative or can help people when they are full of anxiety,

Servant Leadership for high-performance teams building collective, emotional, and conversational intelligence.

In this program we do a combination of emotional intelligence, psychological safety, DEI and high performance team attributes and influence.

<more classes, programs, workshops and information available>

Situational Leadership with higher-level leader capabilities with competent management skills.

We move beyond the standard four quadrant approach and bring in ESG, EQ, Leadership versus Management, and make this a interactive endeavor.

Lead Forward is a visionary leader program.  It develops skills & capabilities for now and for sustainability during  the 4th Industrial Revolution.

If you don't know what the 4th Industrial Revolution entails for your company - we work with your leaders to figure that out and to build programs now to manage the future growth and client demands coming. 

Breaking through the noise and being understood while creating a  conversational, trust building workplace. 

We all get caught up in the noise of outside influences including COVID, mergers, buyouts, reorganizations, changes in strategy, goals, and objectives. Learn how to communicate clearly, with care and inclusively.

University Level Classes

Our products for Universities are Focused on Minority, Women, LGBTQI+, People with Disabilities, Veterans, and Culture Change education needs.

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Entrepreneurship for Minorities, Women & LGBTQI+ 

Whether you want to start a business as a minority, woman or LGBTQI+ individual or you want to build a business targeting these groups, this class will not only give you the education to do it but also list the available free resources available through your local, county, state and federal systems.

Developing Innovations from Minorities, Women & LGBTQI+ 

These underserved communities often lack mentors to be able to walk them through the process of bringing an invention to life. We not only educate on how to bring an invention to life, we also educate about the resources available to maker this happen. We also provide a list the available free resources to assist these endeavors through your local, county, state and federal systems.

Building Successful Online Businesses  for Minorities, Women & LGBTQI+ 

Many underserved communities lack the resources for brick & mortar storefronts. Online business are a great way to build a business while working. Whether you want to start a business as a minority, woman or LGBTQI+ individual or you want to target these groups, this class will not only give you the education to do build an online business,  it will also list the available free resources available through your local, county, state and federal systems.



Our Values :

INTEGRITY – being honest with our clients and ourselves 

COLLABORATION– working together to create client value 

CARE – genuine care for our client's success of our clients

COURAGE – challenging our clients to discover their full potential

COMMITMENT – doing the work necessary to help our clients achieve their goals

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