Imaginal Communities 


Activating Systemic Change

What is an Imaginal Community?

The purpose of Imaginal Communities is to hold the space for...

  • courageous, vulnerable, challenging conversations 
  • creating expanded conscious awareness and ecological dialogue 
  • nurturing ideas, thoughts, relationships
  • harnessing collective capabilities, synergy and intelligence 
  • supporting change to emerge through connection to like-minded people

... leading to transformative systemic change that is needed, desired and called for.

 A community of change-makers who seek to create better worlds for current & future generations.  

How will Imaginal Communities be together?

  • Weave your community together through sharing experiences, collaborative ideation and collective action
  • Nurture one another with supportive dialogue and nourishing energy
  • Journey together along a mutually beneficial learning and change process,
  • Evolve as a community in shared endeavour to bring positive change to your place or sector.

Imaginal Communities are for you if you are…

...ready for powerful transformative change choosing sustainable and healthy ways going forward respecting the planet as a whole.

  • You are working on change in your sector or place.
  • You are seeking to combine energy with fellow change makers.
  • You are leading collective action and seeking greater systemic change.

  • You are ready to change what you can from where you are.
  • You are prepared to ask better questions.
  • You are curious about change in relation to the bigger questions
  • You are willing to go on your own journey with others.

You sense you can do more,

you feel the call of responsibility,

you desire positive change, 

you gain from support, 

and collaborative spaces,

to explore the outcomes,

you aspire to create.

You're invited to form Imaginal Communities in these sectors & places...

- Energy

- Food Systems

- Property & Construction

- Health

- Youth Empowerment

And your sector if not listed above!

- Western Sydney

- South-Coast NSW

- North-East Melbourne

- Geelong & Surrounds

And your place if not listed above!

Meet your Imaginal Communities

Convening Team

Jeanine is Co-Founder of Empower World, a coaching and professional coach training organisation. She passionately supports organisations and individuals to achieve their aspirations in and unlock their powerful potential to become authentic leaders of self and of others - in a way that is good for themselves, the people they serve and the systems they are in, including the planet. Jeanine has worked globally, partnering with small, medium and large, blue-chip organisations supporting First Nations and expats from all over the world in the Middle East, Europe and Australasia.


ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Coach Mentor & Certified Coach Supervisor

Certified in Conversational Intelligence (Neuroscience of Coaching)

Certified in Daring WayTM facilitation

Certified Appreciative Inquiry facilitator

Extended DiSC Accredited

NLP Practitioner


Faculty Member, Australian College of Applied Professionals

Tim has been helping individuals, teams, organisations and communities create change in their lives and work since 2004. Tim has campaigned for social and environmental change since high school, and co-created & delivered transformational programs with corporations, not-for-profits and government funded entities on 4 continents. Tim is a practitioner of Narrative Coaching, The Art of Hosting, Regenerative Resourcing, Integrated Development and Futures Literacy.

Exploring, Inviting, Pondering...

BA Hons Organisational Behaviour, Lancaster University, 2002.

Qualified Leadership Coach since 2014.

Certified in;

Integrative Development & Narrative Coaching, Moment Institute

Regenerative Resourcing, Regenesis Institute

Neuroscience of Transformative Change, Coaches Rising

Futures Literacy for Transformational Climate Action, Hanze University

Earth-Centred Futures, AELA.

Leading from the Emerging Future, u.Lab/MIT

High Impact Sustainability Leadership, Cambridge University

Building a Wellbeing-Economy, Griffith University

Sue has a focus on helping people discover what is important to them and helping them achieve new ways of thinking to bring about new opportunities and direction. She has a passion for the environment protecting our ecosystems and engaging with others to lift the narrative and action around making change.  Experience in the corporate sector and coaching, working with teams and individuals has given her the opportunity to build on knowledge and explore constant learning around topics such as sustainability, diversity and social justice.

Sue pic

-       Corporate and Business – 17 years.

-       Master Results Coach – 18 years

-       Master NLP Practitioner – 15 years

-       Author and trainer.

Additional Convenors & Co-Convenors

Are you ready to Convene an Imaginal Community?

Do you yearn to convene a community for a place or sector, and are you curious to explore journeying as an Imaginal Convenor?

Are you a Co-Convenor?

We invite co-convenors from each community to emerge and walk alongside the initiating convenor to guide, support and nurture the energies of the group.


To accept this invitation you will be;

-       Experience in holding space for inclusive group dialogue

-       Experienced in activating change as a coach, facilitator or guide.

-      Or perhaps right now you are without experience, and you are committed to building the capability needed to hold space which the initiating convenors can nurture.

Choosing what Investment is needed for your Community

Investment options

Pick the option that best fits your community:

Option 1

Transparent Economy

Indicative investment $1250+GST per group per session

For corporate, funded entity and sponsored communities

Ideal for those with resources preferring a confirmed fee with full transparency

Full cost disclosure including co-hosting, technology & venue, group decides what is needed and how costs will be covered by the group as a whole

Commitment to a year-long developmental journey

Intention to gather 10 times a year, 3 times in person.

Option 2

Shared Economy

Initial contribution + commitment to value-based contribution

For communities curious to explore generative ways of managing costs and recognising contribution

Initial upfront commitment to cover costs

Additional commitment to contribution additional funds recognising value of each gathering up to a specific pre-agreed maximum

Commitment to a year-long developmental journey

First year's gatherings are facilitated and can be hosted virtually or in person.

Option 3

Generosity Economy

An expression of fiscal appreciation for each session

For non-funded community groups, start-up enterprises and emerging initiatives

Ideal for those sensing into financial commitment with commitment to contributing what is possible

Costs are compassionately considered and groups are invited to contribute based on what they can offer

Commitment to a year-long developmental journey

First year's gatherings are facilitated and can be hosted virtually or in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's our responses to a few questions that have been explored as we've developed the

Imaginal Communities concept...

Please complete the EOI form to ask any further questions you are holding.

Each Community decides collectively how often to meet, based on needs, energy and capacity. We encourage groups to begin with monthly meetings, and once in flow as a cohesive group, to discuss and decide together whether another cadence is preferable.

We anticipate that place-based groups are more likely to meet in person, and that sector-based groups may choose to meet on-line some, or all of the time. We encourage all groups to meet in person where possible.

We have designed an adaptive, choice-based framework to be maximally inclusive of all who wish to participate in activating systemic change.

The costs for each Imaginal Community are decided collectively by the group, based on how often gatherings are needed, whether gatherings are on-line or in person (and if in person, where to gather) and how much Convenor support is needed. We will host the conversation around costs and Investment choice during the forming stage of each Community.